Tool to Fix EOF Error in Photoshop CS5



Are you receiving end of file error message as you try opening a PSD file on Photoshop CS5? Do you want to fix this error on your Mac computer? Then don’t worry, make use of PSD Repair Mac application and repair EOF error on Photoshop CS5 in few simple clicks. PSD repair Mac is a best application, which has the capability of fixing all types of errors that occur in Photoshop CS5 file. The software is capable of repairing PSD files that are severely damaged or corrupted due to various reasons like virus infection, header corruption or any other dreadful reason.

PSD repair Mac is a distinguished repair application from other repair tools. It has colossal numbers of exceptional features. Each and every feature of this tool is quite unique and the most admired one is, it’s a read only program, which means the application will not do any kind of modification or alteration to the Photoshop CS5 file, rather it will just read the file and creates a new one same as that of original file. Thus, it serves to be an appropriate solution if you want to fix end of file error in Photoshop CS5.

Why end of file error occurs in Photoshop CS5 file?

  • Interruptions While Saving File: While saving PSD file, if any interruption occurs, then header and footer information of PSD will not be saved properly by Photoshop CS5 application, because to this, end of file error in Photoshop CS5 will be displayed on your computer screen when you try opening that improperly saved PSD file. But don’t get disappointed, if you encounter such scenario, use PSD repair Mac software and fix Photoshop CS5 end of file error in few simple steps.  
  • Insufficient Hard Drive Space: If the storage space on your hard disk is insufficient, then Photoshop CS5 file will not get saved properly, resulting in EOF errors. However if you make use of PSD repair Mac utility then easily you could fix EOF error in Photoshop CS5 file.
  • Crashing of Photoshop Tool: if Adobe Photoshop application crashes, then you’ll get such error message.

No matter what’s the reason behind generation of end of file error in Photoshop CS5, this PSD repair Mac tool has the ability to fix Photoshop CS5 end of file error with utmost ease.

Trendy Features of PSD Repair Mac Software:

PSD repair Mac software can easily fix EOF error in Photoshop CS5 on various Mac versions including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. With the help of this repair software you can fix Photoshop CS5 end of file error in a very shortest time span. It�s a graphical user interface repair software, which makes it possible for even a novice user to fix end of file error in Photoshop CS5.  In addition to fixing EOF error, this software is capable enough to repair Photoshop Scratch Disk error on Mac that is caused due to corruption of PSD file because of various reasons. This remarkable repair tool has the potential to fix EOF error in Photoshop CS5 on various secondary storage devices including external hard disks, USB drives, memory sticks, memory cards, etc. It helps you to fix unreadable Photoshop file in an easiest manner. To fix unreadable Photoshop file click over here: This amazing tool occupies very less space on your Mac hard drive. Check out the demo version of this tool, if you get satisfied with its performance then purchase the licensed version.

Steps to fix end of file error in Photoshop CS5:

Step 1: Launch PSD repair Mac tool on your Mac computer. Once the main screen appears browse for the PSD file and select it. Then click on "Repair" after selecting the file.

End of File Error in Photoshop CS5 - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step2: Once you click on repair the software will fix Photoshop CS5 eof error. After the completion of repair process you can preview the repaired file contents.

End of File Error in Photoshop CS5 - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step3: Finally you can save the repaired file on your Mac computer by purchasing the application.

End of File Error in Photoshop CS5 - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save Repaired File