How to Fix Unreadable Photoshop File?



It is annoying to see that Photoshop file that we created by putting all our best efforts has become unreadable. This unanticipated event happens when some malicious malware attacks the Photoshop file or power fails all of a sudden while we are working on our Photoshop file and makes the PSD file unreadable. But an unreadable Photoshop file can be repaired even after malware attack or power failure. Yes, it is absolutely true. Here is extraordinary repair tool with the help of which you can safely fix unreadable PSD file. Photoshop file get damaged due to various reasons. There are many factors which cause severe damage to the PSD file. To mention a few power surge, improper downloading of the file and malfunctioning of Adobe Photoshop are some of the major reasons behind PSD file corruption. These factors lead to temporary damage of Photoshop files. But these are not powerful enough to cause permanent harm to these files and that is why it is possible to get back the access to the contents of these unreadable PSD files. If you are one among those who are facing problem in opening their PSD file on Mac computer then this is the best suited tool for you to open damaged PSD file on Mac computer.

As mentioned earlier Photoshop file gets damaged due to various known and unknown reasons. One of the factors which corrupts PSD file to a great extent is layer corruption. A Photoshop file comprises of different layers. Each layer contributes equally in the creation of a PSD file. When any of the layers which form the foundation of these Photoshop files gets damaged due to say virus invasion or a malfunctioning Photoshop application, the whole PSD file gets corrupted within no time and you might face PSD file unreadable error when you try to open it. This unfortunate event though is not permanent damages the PSD file to a severe extent. But even after layer corruption it is possible to fix unreadable Photoshop file with ease. It is definitely possible with the support of PSD repair Mac tool. This powerful repair application you can fix the broken Photoshop files in few simple clicks. To know how to fix broken Photoshop files on Mac computer, click over here:

PSD files also get damaged when some interruption takes place while they are getting downloaded. Such interruption results in the incomplete download of the file and thus the file gets damaged in fraction of seconds. But it is possible to repair PSD file which is damaged due to incomplete download by using PSD repair Mac software. It helps in repairing damaged .psd files that is created on different Adobe Photoshop versions such as CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CS7. It is an amazing application which can perform unreadable PSD repair on different Macintosh computers such as Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. It is highly recommended by different industry experts. To find some more interesting facts about how this app fixes PSD file unreadable error, you can visit

Steps to repair PSD File which is Unreadable:

Step 1: Select the corrupt PSD file once you launch this app on your Mac computer. After that hit "Repair" option.

PSD File Unreadable - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step2: After the completion of repair process preview the repaired PSD file.

PSD File Unreadable - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step3: After previewing save the repaired PSD file on the Mac computer.

PSD File Unreadable - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save Repaired File