Fix Photoshop Initialization Error



"Today morning, when I tried to open a PSD image file for modifying that is created using the latest version of Photoshop on my Mac PC, it denied to open. Instead of opening, I am getting displayed with an error message which says “Photoshop initialization error because file is locked”. I have been working on this PSD file for past couple of weeks and I am on the verge of finishing my work. It’s hard to recreate it, I need a better solution. Is it possible to fix Photoshop initialization error because file is locked? I am really getting desperate, I could have easily managed a backup of this PSD file to another location. But unfortunately, I didn’t do it. Can anyone help me out to overcome could not initialize Photoshop as the file is locked error situation?"

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Photoshop which is by far the best Photo editing tool that is being widely used by computer users around the world to create and manipulate digital images. The rich colors and the amazing features of this application to create multilayered digital image makes it as a favorite tool for users to work with. Having a basic idea about the tools allows users to manipulate their original pictures. Graphic designers cannot imagine a life without Photoshop. The files created and manipulated are stored in the form of PSD file format or PDD file formats. Losing access to PSD file after spending a lot of time on it makes the users feel really irritated. This is what happens while facing with error situations like file is locked.

Reason behind Photoshop initialization error

The major reason behind Photoshop initialization error is due to the changes made in the preferences of the Photoshop application. It is always recommended to use the drive, which is not installed with operating system inside the preference setting for scratch disk. However, at times user will be forced to use the drive that is installed with operating system and due to this conflict arises. So, what happens due to this is, Photoshop will try to write PSD files to temp directory instead of writing it to the root directory. Hence, while running the application, you may receive messages like do not have permission or file is locked. When you try to open PSD files in such situations, it may result in corruption of PSD file.

What next?

Firstly, to fix Photoshop initialization error because file is locked while trying to open image file, you will have to sort out permission problems inside the settings by choosing the right drive. And you can employ the services of PSD Repair Mac tool to repair corrupt PSD files due to this reason. This application is specifically built to repair PSD files from all sorts of errors.

This PSD Repair software is highly rated as well as recommended by tech experts for its ability to repair PSD files that refuses to open due to Photoshop initialization error because file is locked on Mac PC’s. Using this tool you can easily fix broken PSD and PDD images on all versions of Mac operating systems. You avail the services of this incredible tool for repairing damaged Photoshop files that are created using different versions of Photoshop.This tool can also be used to fix end of file error in Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS6 and other versions of Photoshop.

More features of PSD Repair Mac:

  • This integrated interface of this tool is made to ensure that no user will find any difficulty to deploy the services of this utility.
  • Software is capable of repairing Photoshop file association errors which makes the PSD files unreadable on Photoshop application.
  • Using this application, you can fix Photoshop files on Mac PC’s like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, etc.
  • The repaired Photoshop file can also be previewed using the demo version of this tool, which comes for free.
  • By using this tool, you can fix unreadable Photoshop document after "Could not complete your request because the file name was not valid" error.

Steps to Fix Photoshop Initialization Error:

Step 1: Launch software on your Mac computer. Form the main screen, you may select the PSD file which says initialization error by browsing it. After that click on "Repair" option to begin the process.

Fig 1: Main Window

Step2: When the repair process is over, you may also preview the repaired PSD file contents in the preview browser.

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step3: Finally, save the repaired file on your Mac computer by purchasing this application.

Fig 3: Save Repaired File