Solution to Repair Photoshop Scratch Disk Error on Mac



Photoshop application is mainly used to provide good finishing to the captured images. You can edit, modify, and merge number of photos into a single one using its Photoshop features. While doing this task they would generally like to store its temporary files in separate available hard disk space on Mac. This occupied space is called as scratch disk. Photoshop's temporary files stored are named as Temp#### on Macintosh, where as #### is a series of numbers. These files are removed from the hard disk after they are no longer needed. But there are chances that you may face a scratch disk error on Mac, sometimes before completion of work due to improper closure, large file, etc. thereby causing huge loss of edited images.

Consider One Real Time Scenario:

"I am professional photographer. I edit 100's of photos in a day. One day when I was editing marriage photos using Photoshop tool on Mac, Photoshop app closed abruptly due to power failure. When I restarted my system, I was unable to open the images I was editing on Mac, instead I was getting an error message as scratch disk error. These images are important and I somehow need to get them back. If anyone have come across this kind experience, then could you please suggest me the way to fix Adobe Photoshop scratch disk error on Mac OS X. Thanks in advance..!".

Are you familiar with this kind of error? Do you want to know the exact solution for this issue? Then need not get stressed! You are on the right place. Here I have introduced a tool named PSD repair Mac. Using this software, you can easily repair Photoshop scratch disk error Mac in few simple steps. This application is hassle free as a result it will not cause any damage to existing images while doing repairing process. Hence, you might prefer this app to get perfect solution on how to mend photoshop scratch disk error on Macintosh line of computers.

Some common reasons for Photoshop scratch disk error Mac:

  • Limited Space on Scratch Disk: When you are editing large images you need large space to store temp files. If the scratch disk is not large enough as expected, then you may get an above mentioned error, which in turn corrupts the PSD file causing loss of images.
  • Fragmented Space: After long usage of space occupied by Photosho, here is a chance that scratch disk may get fragmented. You will not be able to store edited images in this uncontinuous memory. If you try storing the photos, then you will definitely get a scratch disk error message. After such situation, all your precious Photoshop files will become inaccessible

Precautionary steps:

  • Always update your Adobe Photoshop application in order to avoid it from malfunctioning
  • It's good to have backup of important Photoshop and other files on other reliable storage media
  • Take care while selecting the scratch disk that is used by Photoshop for creating temporary files

Even after following some precautions, if you encounter with this error then need not panic just make use of an expert recommend tool named PSD repair Mac and mend the scratch disk error and open the PSD image within brief time.

Accountable features of PSD repair Mac:

PSD images that are corrupt due to scratch disk error and are unable to open can be easily fixed using a reliable repair utility named PSD repair Mac. Apart from fixing Mac Photoshop scratch disk error, this amazing toolkit can effectively repair unreadable PSD file, not a valid Photoshop document error, file is empty error, etc. caused due to corruption of PSD file on all versions of Macintosh computers such as Mac Mountain Lion, Mac Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. PSD repairing program is read only software i.e. it just extracts the actual content from original PSD and creates a new healthy file without modifying the source file. As the tool has simple graphical interface, so that even a computer inexpert is capable of fixing Mac Photoshop scratch disk error easily without any assistance. This wizard not only fixes errors that occurred due to corruption, it can even fix broken Photoshop file on Mac in an effective manner. PSD repair software provides you a demo version without any price by using it you can know in detail on how to fix Adobe Photoshop scratch disk error on Mac OS X and conclude about the toolkit by previewing the repaired files. If you are ok with the result obtained, then you can purchase the legal version and save the fixed files on the selected destination.

Steps to repair Photoshop Scratch Disk error on Mac:

Step 1: Launch PSD repair Mac tool on your Mac computer. Once the main screen appears browse for the corrupt PSD file that throws scratch disk error and select it. Then, click on "Repair" after selecting the file.

Photoshop Scratch Disk Error Mac  - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once the repair process gets completed, you can preview the repaired file contents.

Photoshop Scratch Disk Error Mac  - Preview Repaired File

Fig 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally, you can save the fixed file on your Mac computer by purchasing the application.

Photoshop Scratch Disk Error Mac  - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save Repaired File